Hawthorn Main Drain Extension


Client: Client: Redmill Pike Pty Ltd

Contact: Roland Black

Designers: Maunsells

Contact: Frank Burton

Contract Sum

$0.7 M

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Hawthorn On Schedule

Works Undertaken:

  • Excavation, stabilization works using 700m2 of braced sheet-piling
  • Excavation & site management of contaminated fill
  • Casting of on ground & elevated concrete slabs
  • Installation of pre-cast splayed 2700 x 2400 box culvert.
  • Main drain break in’s and connection work
  • Main drain flow diversion & controls
  • Melbourne water confined space works

Site Issues :

  • Flow diversion & controls
  • Co nfined space works
  • Protection of adjoining structures
  • Vibration & settlement monitoring
  • Contaminated  material  management
  • Connection of main drains.