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Wurdee Buloc Water Filtration Plant Upgrade, Victoria

Works Included

  • Construction of a complete backwash pump station.
  • Installation of 900 to 1750mm diameter welded MSCL pipe.
  • Several critical shutdowns of the water treatment plant.
  • Low rise construction.
  • 1500m2 of asphalt pavement works.
  • Construction of S/S backwash system.
  • Significant electrical, instrumentation and control works.

Site Issues

  • Works to be completed within shutdown time frame.
  • Limited access to filter areas for installation of stainless steel pipe work - a small crane was utilized to remedy the access to issues.
  • Detailed survey of existing infrastructure to less than 5mm accuracy to ensure match with pre fabricated components.
  • Unforeseen difficulties in removal of existing pipe and concrete pipe supports as the pipe was anchored to the concrete supports.
  • Hot weather - total fire ban days.
  • Heavy lifting of components of different shapes and sizes.

Client: Barwon Water
Plant Manager: Dene Denny Superintendent: Ben Carter
Project Design: Kellogg, Brown & Root P/L