Dynamic Compaction (DC), also called heavy tamping  or dynamic consolidation, densifies soil and ground materials using high levels of impact energy at the surface. Entracon are a Melbourne-based contractor with skilled operators and innovative equipment to perform deep dynamic compaction in an efficient, accurate and cost effective method.

Our multidisciplinary civil construction company undertakes projects in the civil structures, remediation, earthworks and mechanical construction fields across Australia. We have third-party accreditation in the Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environment international standards which are instrumental in our continued commitment to quality, safe and sustainable works. We’re driven in delivering exceptional standards of work without compromising on your project budget or schedule. 


Dynamic compaction is a highly specialised construction technique  commonly used in ground improvement and remediation works. It can have an effective depth of influence up to 10 or more metres below ground, depending on the method used, size and type of machine and soil type. Entracon currently has available a number of DC specialised plant in its fleet, including the RIC 7000 and RIC 9000 (Rapid Impact Compaction) and 16t compaction roller. DC is often used  in the construction of landfill remediation, roadways and embankment widening, for example in dam upgrade projects. Other common uses for DC include: 

  • Increasing bearing capacity
  • Decreasing settlement
  • Mitigate liquefaction
  • Avoid major below ground obstruction removal
  • Treat granular soils and fills to provide increased density friction angle & stiffness
  • Can be effective in collapsing voids to reduce sinkhole potential 

At Entracon, we place high importance on promoting sustainable techniques, which is also a benefit to DC. By improving soil conditions to allow for the use of shallow foundations, the need for deep excavation or piling is mitigated, thus DC is able to save on valuable materials and resources. Entracon is an expert contractor in both conventional dynamic compaction and the newer, more effective method of rapid impact compaction (RIC). In fact, we are the first company in Australia to offer RIC Compaction services which allows for faster, more cost effective surface tamping. Included in Entracon’s rapid impact compaction fleet are the RIC 7000 and RIC 9000.


Our services in both DC and RIC compaction are available throughout Australia. We’ve completed projects as head contractors for companies in every state from VIC to NSW, WA, and beyond. Our principal values are determination and a strong work ethic, which drives  Entracon’s main focuses of high-quality services, safety, sustainability and productivity. We believe in the longevity of infrastructure and are constantly working to improve our carbon footprint and resource efficiency to provide our services with the least impact to our environment. 

For more information on our deep dynamic compaction services or to work with us, contact the Melbourne head office on (03) 8786 3700 or using the online enquiry form.