About Us

Plant and Equipment

Our fleet consists of over 50 heavy and specialized civil plant. Entracon is committed to continually decreasing our carbon footprint and environmental impact from civil plant and now has several hybrid machines over the spectrum of our fleet.

With the vast majority of projects requiring significant numbers of diverse heavy machinery together with the restraints of aggressive client schedules, we maintain a fleet that exceeds our labour force. Our plentiful equipment resource gives us a decided edge when delivery is a key milestone for a project.

In addition to our highly skilled workforce, substantial equipment fleet, dedicated support staff, and financial strength, another important resource is our select network of specialised subcontractors. Trusted and reliable professionals, such as Electricians, Engineers, Geotechnical Testers and Surveyors, are at our disposal to give us an edge which is both beneficial and cost effective to our clients.

With Entracon you have a contractor with extensive experience, knowledgeable employees, and the vast range of resources that are required for successful projects. We know what we are doing and have the equipment, tools, technology and support infrastructure to get your project done.