Client: Client: John Hollands/ Barwon Water Alliance John Hollands

Project Team:

Sky Christensen
Peter Casey
Graeme Addison
Bruce Anderson
Jason Hoare
Project Design:


Contract Sum: $0.67M

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Callahans Channel Syphon Replacement, Barwon Downs, VIC.

Works Included:

  • Demolition of Christies Syphon and existing structures.
  • Construction of new mild steel welded syphon including inlet, outlet
    structures, concrete encasement.
  • Install and backfill the new welded MSCL pipeline to replace Mahers Syphon, including construction of new inlet structure, and manholes upto 3m diameter.
  • Construction of new access track.

Site Issues :

  • Limited access and working area.
  • Weather conditions rendering access track unusable.
  • Flooding of excavation area.
  • Protection of local flora and fauna.
  • Stockpile location and environmental protection.
  • Working within local farmers property.

Barwon Water operates Callahans Channel which conveys water from the West Barwon catchment to the Wurdee Boluc Reservoir. Two of the syphons on this channel, Mahers and Christies, are at the end of their life and will be replaced.