Client: John Hollands / Barwon Water Alliance

John Hollands Project Team:

Graeme Addison
Peter Casey
Bruce Anderson
Jason Hoare
Tim Anderson

Project Design:

Craig Johnson

Contract Sum: ≈$2.9M

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Painkalac Reservoir Embankment and Spillway Upgrade, Painkalac, VIC.

Painkalac Dam is an earth fill embankment dam, located on Painkalac Creek, approximately 5 km upstream of the townships of Aireys Inlet and Fairhaven. The reservoir has a volume of 532 ML with water used for reticulated urban water supply. The dam and concrete spillway were built in 1978 with an embankment length of 125m and a maximum height of 8.6 m.
Barwon Water has arranged annual condition assessments and various dam safety investigations in accordance with the ANCOLD Dam Safety Management guidelines (2003a). These assessments and a number of subsequent dam safety investigations have identified a need for embankment and spillway upgrade works at the Painkalac Reservoir.

Works Included:

Embankment Stability Upgrade

  • Construction of the new downstream access road, box culverts and associated erosion protection.
  • Embankment construction including installation of geogrid reinforcement layer.
  • Construction of 2.5km single lane access road.
  • Construction of top toe drainage system works and installation of standpipe piezometers.
  • Construction of 2A and 2B filter protection layers including chimney filter.

Site Issues:

  • High rainfall zone.
  • Coordinating delivery of large box culverts and link slabs.

Spillway Upgrade:

  • ≈1000m3 of concrete works.
  • Construction of new spillway wall upto 6m high.
  • Spillway removal ands reinstatement.
  • Shot creting and rock anchoring of spillway wall.
  • Temporary works to protect the embankment and maintain spillway flow capacity.
  • Removal of existing road access bridge.