Client: Client: Vic Roads for Akron Roads

Interested Parties:
Client Representative:

Site Representative: Michael Stott
Robert Davies — Project Manager
Project Engineer — Nancy Gatto
Designers — Pitt & Sherry — Mario Aiezza — Engineering Manager

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Ti Tree Creek Berwick

Works Included:

  • Creek diversion via 600 dia flume & continual pumping
  • Construction of storm proof bunds in creek
  • Demolition of existing Head Wall
  • Relocation of native fish & turtles
  • Casting of heavily reinforced slab in 3 stages
  • Placement of 3 to 4 ton culverts
  • Construction of 2 new head walls.

Site Issues:

  • Site flooded 5 times during works
  • Bund partly washed away during project.
  • Union Issues
  • Poor sub-grade.
  • Staged Construction
  • Works undertaken on a major road and next to a local school.