1st Rapid Impact Compactor (RIC) 7000 in Australia
Entracon is proud to be the first company in Australia to own a RIC 7000 and offer Rapid Impact Compaction services nation wide.

Historically, dynamic soil compaction has involved the use of free falling weights from tall cranes which impose limitations on the types of sites that can be treated. The Rapid Impact Compactor or RIC changes this with the ability to carry out soil densification with fast mobilisation and low overheads.

RIC is a technique allied to Dynamic Compaction that can be used to increase the bearing capacity of soils through controlled impact.

Instead of droppinga heavy weight from a great height once or twice a minute, the RIC drops a lighter weight from a relatively low height at a fast blow rate of 40 to 60 times a minute.

A track mounted excavator acts as the base unit and provides hydraulic power to the hammer. The drop-weight is dropped onto a special foot assembly and unlike other compaction techniques which throw up debris the RIC 7000’s patented 1.5m diameter steel ‘foot’ remains in contact with the ground at all times making the RIC a safe, controlled compaction technique with particular emphasis on creating a safe working environment.

Instrumentation is fitted to monitor blows and energy from the hammer as well as recording ground penetration and settlement.

Depending on the moisture content the treatment is effective in the top layers up to 6m in depth. Up to 10m can be achieved in certain conditions.

Manufactured in the UK, the RIC 7000 boom was customised to suit Entracon’s 45 tonne Komatsu excavator. All parts, including the 13 tonne hammer and guide, 3 tonne foot and 4 tonne boom assemblies, control panel, data logger, hydraulic control manifold and boom sensors, were then shipped to Melbourne in a 40 foot container.

It then took 4 days for a Service Technician from the UK with the assistance of two local plant mechanics to assemble the RIC 7000 at Entracon’s Workshop.

The compaction Rig was then commissioned and Entracon Supervisors, operators and service personnel underwent 2 days of training at an available land fill operation.

The new RIC 7000 gives Entracon a reliable Compaction Rig that is available to work throughout Australia and New Zealand on deep compaction projects such as land reclamation, crane platforms, land rehabilitation, piling platforms, container terminals, building sites and car parks.