Entracon can perform up to 90% of the work on a typical subdivision. This includes all clearing, pavement construction, concrete construction, storm water drainage, water reticulations and sewer construction. For the remaining work, we use a small number of select, proven contractors who are familiar with our work process and expectations and thus have a seamless integration into our organisation and projects.

Performing such a large portion of the work ourselves provides our clients with a high level of quality and schedule control. It also gives us the ability to quickly and efficiently handle any challenges that may arise during the course of the project.

Our team understands the concerns of clients and realises that we are a integral part in the foundation of successful projects. With this in mind, we are proactive in resolving any issues or problems that may arise. Maintaining open communication with our client allows speedy solutions to always be provided.

With a commitment to exceed the expectations of clients, we do all we can to ensure a successful project, working to stay ahead of schedule and within cost. Care is given not only to the infrastructure elements of these projects, but also to the aesthetics, such as topsoil finish, entrance detail and public open spaces. This attitude, combined with our experienced management team, skilled personnel and equipment allows us to consistently provide quality projects to clients that choose Entracon to be part of their project team.